A 25-year-old filmmaker originally from Seattle, Washington. He attended Occidental College graduating with distinction from the Art History & Visual Arts Department majoring in Media Arts and Culture. He has worked on numerous commercials, short films and the independent feature No Way to Live. He also has worked as a producer, cameraman and editor for KCET’s multi-media team on projects such as Artbound and Departures




Born in San Diego and grew up in Tijuana. He graduated from San Diego State University (SDSU) in 2005 with a degree in communication sciences with emphasis in advertising. Once he graduated, he received a scholarship at the Center for Film Studies of Baja (CECBC) to study a one-year filmmaking program. Since the beginning of his career Felipe’s resume includes feature films, shorts, documentaries, music videos, commercials, TV shows and corporate videos. He debuted as a producer to collaborate on 3 video clips for the internationally renowned Nortec Collective and later made numerous video clips (Kung Fu Monkeys, Ceci Bastida, Emma Ejwertz, Revu Lab) which where the stepping stones in order to take the next important step and start his collaborations in feature length films





A self-taught photographer who later developed an interest in cinematography. Born and raised in Medellín, Colombia, Luisa decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a cinematographer. She is currently in her senior year at ArtCenter College of Design majoring in Film Production and has worked on, and shot, various short films and music videos. Some of the projects she’s done and is currently working on address the themes of acceptance and preservation, whether of a person, a culture or and identity.


Miguel Buenrostro


MIguel is a certified human behavior researcher from the University of Georgia, International Marketing degree from “ Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior in Baja California”  He has directed a series of short documentaries in relation with the city of Tijuana and the failed architecture around Latin America and the United States. He has worked and collaborated in several experimental films a long with Director Luis Mercado Forseck, presenting at the International Moscow Film Festival and the Brooklyn Film Festival. In 2012 he was awarded the prize for best cultural project in the city of Tijuana @ the Interzona Festival for his work Reactivando Espacios, His work has been published in major media platforms such as The New York Times , CNN and City Lab "The Atlantic” For the last years Buenrostro has been working on the method “ Exploration, Aesthetics, Memoir, Narrative” which explores the many waysyou can create narratives and portraits out of cities, particular sites and spaces, his first presentation was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver Colorado. In 2015 his short film "Quixote" was screened at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival. Currently working on his documentary film “Monumentos Fantasmas” an exploration throughout the architectural modern ruins of Mexico City.